Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Walipini growing season

This year has been amazing! I can for sure say that I LOVE MY WALIPINI and my Aquaponic system. This has been the first year out here in the sticks that I have been able to provide homegrown veggies. I was able to start the plants much earlier in the Walipini and so far have had multiple growing seasons.
Strawberries took off!

Cucumbers and Watermelons are on the right

Baby Watermelon

My first crop from the Walipini veggies

Watermelon started from seed in system

Since I planed so early at night I covered the little ones with cups. Like a mini greenhouse. Worked great!

Above is my full system at the start of the year. Seems a little empty in this photo when I look at it now....because its a jungle in there now! LOL

Thanks for looking!


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    1. Thanks so much. It was a lot of work but has been a great learning tool not only for our family but for a lot of our friends as well. Thanks for looking.

  2. I also have a walipini, and am just about to install my aquaponic system. I sent you a friend req on facebook, and a message which might have gone to your other inbox. Can we talk about waliponics?

    1. Yes I did receive your friend request and look forward to chatting with you.